Telegram has gained huge momentum after the users are switching to it from WhatsApp due to the new policies and terms of services. The company is now adding up some new features for the users to make it more forthcoming and friendly with the widget, reporting content, and QR codes for joining groups. 

The users can invite other users using the QR code that makes it easier for them to join and meet others face-by-face. 

It is extended to the invite links that allow users to send the invites with the limitation on the activation of that link. The admins can put in the timer to delete the group as well. 

The new version will also include the moderator that will put the reported messages such as violence, spam, pornography, child abuse, and others. Telegram will also make sure that no propaganda or misinformation is shared with others. 

This version will also have widgets options such as 2x2 and 5x2 variants showing the preview of the channels and chats like WhatsApp counterparts. 

Users can add the icon on the home screen easily or they can add the most interacted contacts as per the preference.